Yule Gift Guide

Buying a Yule or Christmas gift for your favorite witch or Wiccan can be a little tricky, though it's certainly not impossible to find the right magickal item once you decide what to get.

Some items really need a personal connection and should be left for someone to buy on their own. But even if you don't get the perfect gift, a gracious witch would certainly appreciate the thought.  


Books are an easy one, and there are more than enough options out there on every witchcraft topic imaginable. Beginner books can be great for anyone new to their path, but don't be afraid to branch out to more esoteric topics if you know someone is interested.

No point in my listing out all the possible book options, so I suggest you visit our bookstore page and go from there.  

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You can choose from the usual single-scent essential oils (like rose, cedar or patchouli) or get something more unique like a classic occult oil blend (Black Cat oil, Abramelin oil, or Uncrossing oil). Oils are a great magickal gift option if you are working with a small budget too.  


A new ring or pendant can be a great gift for the witch who likes a little bling. You'll have to know what sort of symbol would be the most suitable though. A Celtic Wiccan may not be too interested in wearing an ankh, for example. When in doubt, a classic pentacle is often a safe choice. 


People tend to think about fancy new altar tools as a great gift, and it can be if you have a strong idea about what a person wants. If you want to make it memorable, stay away from the mass-produced pieces and get something more individual. A custom-made athame or one-of-a-kind wand would nicely if it fits in your budget.  


I have heard far too many times that a person should never give Tarot as a gift, but I don't agree. Any Tarot enthusiast will enjoy a creative new deck, even if it doesn't really speak to them on a spiritual level.  

Because suggestions are kind of useless if you can't find where to buy something, I'm including a variety of sources and links where you can shop online for Yule. Yes, some are affiliate links. Hopefully you can find that perfect Wiccan Christmas gift from this list. If not, feel free to keep on browsing at our tools and supplies shop page for a few more choices. 

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