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world of warcraft spells

I will admit right off the bat that World of Warcraft spells are a mystery to me as I have never played the game. I just wanted to provide a little information to the people who seem to be searching for more on this subject.

An actual list of all the spells would be impractical, since every character class has many dozens of spells available. A list with hundreds of World of Warcraft spells would stretch on forever and annoy people. So instead, an article on how WoW spells work.

The term "spell" is used in the game both for true magickal abilities, but also for special skills that non-magickal characters can acquire as they level up. And just like in real life, spells are not just a simple one-stop action. There are loads of conditions with each spell:

  • Cast time - how long it takes to cast, many are instant
  • Channeling - similar to cast time
  • Cooldown - how long you have to wait before casting again
  • Range - how close you need to be to your target
  • Area of Effect - spells that affect several targets within that area
  • Line of Sight - you need to be looking directly at your target
  • Reagents - an item you need in order to cast the spell
  • Stacking - some spells will have cumulative effects if cast more than once

For a very good list of WoW spells, the website has a great database organized by character type. There's a little menu on the left.

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