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Feeling helpless with your life? Trying witchcraft magic spells is one way to try and improve things that you might not otherwise be able to control. Of course, there are spells for all kinds of different things, so you'll have to look around to find the right witchcraft magic spell for you (like love spells for example).

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Spring Garden Magick

A garden is already a pretty magickal place, but a little spellwork can help your plants thrive. This spell is meant for the early spring when plants are just starting to sprout. You will need:

• 1 pint of milk
• A few spoons of honey
• 4 wooden garden stakes
• A length of green ribbon

If you can get organic milk and honey, even better. Mix the honey into the milk, and bring it out side to your garden with the stakes and ribbon. Try to do this on a sunny day after your plants have begun to come up.

Cut your ribbon into 4 pieces, long enough to tie a bow around the tops of each stake. Choose 4 points around your garden that would more or less surround the plants. North, south, east and west are ideal but not necessary. At each point, pour some of the honey milk and then push the stake into the moist earth. With each stake, say:

Milk and honey, flowing out
Goddess bless my every sprout
Growing strong
Season's long
Today I bless my garden

Your garden is now blessed with magic, but you still need to water it regularly and keep it free of weeds if you want it to thrive.

witchcraft magic spells for anyone Spell to Cool Your Anger

Does your temper sometimes get the best of you? Take a few minutes to perform this easy spell to you help keep a cool head. Your supplies are:

• A few spoonfuls of mint leaves
• Tablespoon or more of honey
• Water and a teacup

Heat the water to just boiling, and pour over the mint leaves. Take a few deep breathes and inhale the aroma of the mint as it steeps. Let your anger evaporate along with the steam. Strain out the leaves and add honey to the tea.

Let it cool a bit, and drink. As you enjoy your mint tea, repeat the following a few times:

Cool my mind, leaves of mint
Honey, sweeten my intent
My attitude has to change
Anger must go out of range
This should help you cool off, and see the situation in a better perspective. Sit quietly until the entire cup of tea is finished.

Unwanted Visitors Spell

This is a favorite of mine because it is one of the most simple witchcraft magic spells you will find, and yet it works almost every time.

Next time you have visitors in your home that you'd like to go, but you don't want to be rude, go get out a broom. You don't have to say anything, just go fetch a broom and then lean it against the wall near the door. That's it.

You'll soon find your guests choose to cut their visit short and leave without you having to actually shoo them out. I used this many times in my store when lingering customers stayed past closing time. For more spells like these ones, there are other witchcraft spell pages to visit. You can also find some good magic chants for those times you don't want to cast a full-out spell.

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