Witchcraft Magazines

Websites are great, but sometimes it can be nice to browse around a witchcraft magazine to see what's new in the Pagan world. These days, many magazines come in digital form, with or without a print counterpart. Either way, it can be nice to have a mix of material come right to you, providing a look at topics you would never have thought to look for on your own.

There aren't enough strictly "witchcraft" magazine out there to make a list, so I'm gathering up a few broader titles that cover various aspects of witchcraft, Wicca, and Paganism in general.  

witchcraft magazines Sage Woman
Sage Woman has been around a long time, and they are still going strong. It is available in both print and digital, covering a wide range of topics that focus on connections to the Goddess or other forms of female divine. Not strictly about Wicca or witchcraft, it's a great magazine for exploring female spirituality. Their website looks out-of-date but if you click through to their store, there are current issues available.

Witches & Pagans
Though available in print and digital, the Witches & Pagans website has become more of a collection of online blogs. The magazine is still being produced though, and covers a variety of Pagan and occult topics. Like Sagewoman (its sister publication), the site looks dated though there are current issues to be found in the shop.

Sacred Hoop
For anyone interested in Shamanism and Earth-centered spirituality, you should check out the Sacred Hoop. It comes out quarterly (print or digital), and you can read a few free articles on their site to get a feel for the content.

Witchcraft & Wicca Magazine
Published by the Children of Artemis, a UK organization, Witchcraft & Wicca Magazine is the one in our list most closely focused on witchcraft as a topic. the magazine is published twice a year, but if you are a member of CoA, you can also get a monthly newsletter as well. The link here is for Children of Artemis, but you can find the magazine by clicking on the big graphic once you are on their site.

wiccan magazines Witch Way
Witch Way is a newer publication that is strictly digital-only, though they have a variety of guides and books in print. You can also get their content in audio form as a podcast. Each monthly issue is filled with articles on Pagan culture, lifestyle and craft.

Green Egg
Can't have a list of witchcraft magazines and not mention the classic Green Egg. It's come and gone over the years but is still currently being published as an ezine and a podcast. I am not sure if old print issues are available for purchase. They cover a mix of neo-Pagan topics.

Magical Times
Another UK publication, covering more New Age topics along with more traditional witchcraft information and a lot of lovely artwork. Magical Times also publishes a yearly calendar as well.

Most of these magazines offer back issues for sale as well as whatever is current, so you can gather up more copies if you really enjoy any of these titles and add them to your witchcraft library. All the images in this article link to Amazon.com if you want to purchase copies that way.  

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