Wiccan Water Spells

I'm adding more Wiccan water spells to continue the collection of other elemental magick and our previous page of water spells. You just can't go wrong with the elements. Water brings in emotions, dreams, mystery and psychic abilities to your rituals.

The Root of Feelings

Are you confused about a current situation in your life and need to sort out your emotions? This is the water spell for you.

  • A living potted plant
  • A large plate or dish to sit under the pot
  • A piece of pale blue paper
  • 4 chunks of clear quartz

The pot for the plant must have holes in the bottom so that water can flow out once it's watered. The quartz pieces should be roughly the same size, and not tiny chips.

Write out the various emotions you're trying to figure out on the paper. Cut it into a circle to fit in the plate, even if the paper is smaller. It needs to be a circle. Set it in the dish, and then place the pieces of quartz in a square shape.

More Wiccan Water spells

Here's the tricky part, set the pot on top of the stones as balanced as you can. Now think about all the various things you're feeling as you pour fresh water over the plant. You need to pour enough so that it flows through the roots of the plant, to soak the paper.

As the water drains through, say the words of the spell:

Water drain, water fall
To the roots of the matter
Water drain, water fall
Let my confusion shatter

Hold a plant's leaf in both hands and repeat the words. Over the next 3 days, you'll feel your emotions clearing up and you'll have a solid feeling about where you stand.

Open the Third Eye

This spell is also found on the psychic spells page, but it's a perfect example of a potent water spell. Try to cast this spell on a Monday night if you can. You'll need:

  • A piece of moonstone or aquamarine
  • Purple marker (washable)
  • A glass of pure water

The day before you plan on doing this water spell, drop the stone in the water and let it sit at the bottom of the glass overnight.

The next day, take out the stone and hold it to the center of your forehead, kind of between your eyebrows and a bit higher. Picture your third eye opening up and the crystal drawing in energy to it.

Now use the purple marker to draw an eye on your forehead in the same spot. it doesn't need to be perfect but a mirror might help you get it symmetrical. Keep visualizing it open and drawing in power.

Hold the stone up to the image, and repeat "open the sight, with moon light" several times. Drink the water that was in the glass, and repeat the lines. Now, go to sleep with the drawing still on your head. Wash it off the next day, and be more aware of awaking psychic impressions developing for you.