Wiccan Symbols in Witchcraft

wiccan symbols in witchcraft

Among Pagan or Wiccan symbols, the most commonly seen one is the pentagram (though most Pagans or witches actually call it a pentacle instead). It's the infamous 5-pointed star inside a circle that seems to get so much negative attention, though most people don't have a clue what it means or what it symbolizes. It has come to be a relatively universal symbol to represent Paganism and witchcraft, though not everyone's path looks at the pentagram the same way.

A more general meaning for the pentacle is that the 5 points each represent one of the 4 elements, and the 5th (top) point stands for one's own spirit. The circle links them all together, illustrating how we are all part of one unity. Looking at a numerological point of view, the 5 points of the pentagram stands for just the element of Earth and can be used to represent the Earth on an altar.

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Of course, there are many other Wiccan symbols that you may come across besides just the pentacle. Here are a few more:

The ankh is an Egyptian symbol that stands for "everlasting life". Heiroglyphic images of the ankh often show it as an object, held by the loop like a key. Though not originally a symbol that marked any particular spiritual path, it's a common symbol among Pagans to show of their beliefs without the stigma of the pentacle.


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You may recognize this from the TV show "Charmed". Before it was part of pop culture, the triquetra was a Celtic symbol that represented the sacred number 3. Three was the number of elements in their view: sky, land and sea. You can even see this sign occasionally from Christian sources, representing their holy trinity (sometimes with a circle). Because of that, it can be a good symbol to wear when you aren't fully out of the closet yet.

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The triple moon symbol is the only one that is more or less an actual image of something. Referencing the same sacred 3 as the triquetra, the triple moon shows the 3 main phases of the moon: waxing, full and waning. It also represents the 3 phases of the Goddess as well, in Her maiden, mother and crone aspects. So not only is it important for the 3, but also as a Wiccan symbol of the sacred feminine.


wiccan symbols in witchcraft

And now for a couple less commonly seen symbols. First, the septagram. This is a seven-pointed star, drawn in the same style as the pentagram just with a few more points. Unlike the association with Earth that the 5-pointed pentacle has, the septagram has a more spiritual meaning as the number 7 is connected to the astral or fairy realm. You can also view the points as representing the 4 elements, and then also above, below and within. It's sometimes drawn with a circle joining all the points, but not always.

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Lastly, the hexagram. This one is not that well-known at all but I happen to like it so I'm including it. It's sometimes called a unicursal hexagram because it's a 6-pointed star that can be drawn as one continuous line rather than using 2 triangles (like in a Star of David). And like the other star symbols, the number of points has it's own meaning. In this case, 6 stands for balance and continuity. Aleister Crowley used it to represent balance between the physical world and the astral world.

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