Wiccan Supplies

Special Wiccan supplies aren't always necessary for many spells, since the materials needed can often be found in your average home.

But if you intend to really hone your magickal skills and gain some experience for more advanced spells, then knowing the ins and outs of proper Wiccan supplies can be very helpful.

Altar Tools
Even if you don't have a designated altar space, you still might want to start acquiring the right tools for your spells. You don't have to rush out and buy all these things, but these are the most traditional tools you'll find on a Wiccan altar:

  • Athame - a double-edged knife that is used to cast a circle and direct energy during spells. It's NOT used for cutting. Stands for the element of fire or air, depending on your tradition.
  • Chalice - a cup or goblet that represents water, and can be used in spells that require you to have a drink.
  • Wand - usually made from a tree branch, its another tool used for directing energy, similar to an athame. A wand means either air or fire, opposite the athame.
  • Pentacle - the five-pointed star surrounded by a circle represents earth, and usually is in the form of a plaque or paten that sits on your altar. A good spot for cleansing or charging crystals or other items.

Those are the four central altar tools, but you can also have cauldrons, candles, incense, crystals, bells, swords and statuary on your altar. Some items are usually just for looks and some are used regularly in spells.

wiccan supplies for casting spells and witchcraft

Herbs are one of those Wiccan supplies that can be a bit overwhelming because there are so many of them, and spells can call for just about anything. You usually use dried herbs, though if you can get fresh ones that's even better. Many herbs commonly used in spellwork can be purchased at the grocery store or bulk food store. Oils and incense have similar properties as herbs, and can often be used to substitute for actual herbs.

A Wiccan altar wouldn't be complete without candles. White candles can be substituted in just about any kind of spell (except for any witchcraft that requires a black candle). But you can give your spells some extra power if you have your candles in the right colour. Keep a selection of them on hand, just in case. They don't have to be large either. Lots of spells ask you to leave your candles until they burn down on their own. So a huge pillar candle will be a bit awkward to leave burning for 3 weeks straight.

wiccan supplies and tools

Crystals and stones are another important part of your Wiccan supplies, and they can be very pretty just sitting out on your altar. Just like with the herbs, there really are too many to actually list out for you to have. Many New Age or eco-friendly type store carry them. Try to get the raw crystals if you can, but smooth tumbled ones are ok too. After a spell, you can cleanse your crystals in natural running water (like a stream) or in the moonlight. Then you can use them in spellwork again.

So that's the basic run-down of Wiccan supplies, though you don't necessarily need to have all these things to start casting any free Wiccan spells. You can always shop online for supplies here if you are having trouble locating items locally.

If you are still interested in the nature of Wicca, you can keep reading for more information on the Wiccan religion too.

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