Wiccan Gods

Learning who the Wiccan Gods are is not as simple as you think. The various names that may come to mind, such as Zeus, Loki, Ares, Odin, Osiris or Horus, are really more accurately described as Pagan Gods rather than Wiccan Gods since they pre-date Wicca considerably.

Traditional British Wicca was more duotheistic, working with a Horned God and Triple Goddess. But since so many modern Wiccans have established their spiritual paths involving these Deities, it's difficult to not include them at all.

That said, I am not going to quibble over that detail since most people who land on this page are going to be interested in all those Pagan pantheons rather than the simplistic Wiccan version. So with that in mind, here are some of the main Wiccan Gods organized by cultural pantheon.

Norse Gods
Odin – Leader of the Gods, ruling over knowledge, weather, justice and civilization
Thor – Son of Odin, ruling over thunder and was a great warrior
Loki – Trickster God of mischief and deceit
Freyr – Brother to Freya, he was an older fertility God

Egyptian Gods
Ra – The first sun God, ruled over creation and life & death
Thoth – God of mathematics, knowledge, language and the moon
Osiris – Popular God of agriculture, civilization, and justice
Horus – Son of Osiris and Isis, another sun God
Anubis – Ruler of the Underworld and collector of souls
Set – God of chaos, war, hunger and storms

Greek (Roman) Gods
Since the Roman Gods were virtually identical to the Greek ones just with new names, I'm listing them together but with the Roman names in parenthesis.

Ares (Mars) – God of war and anger who had affairs with Aphrodite
Zeus (Jupiter) – Leader of the Greek/Roman Gods, ruling weather and life in general
Poseidon (Neptune) – Brother to Zeus and ruler of the oceans
Hades (Pluto) – Also brother to Zeus, who controls the Underworld
Apollo (Apollo) – Ruler of all aspects of artistic endeavor, as well as the sun
Hermes (Mercury) – Messenger of the Gods, ruler of travel, gambling, literature and medicine
Hephaestus (Vulcan) – The God of craftspeople who ruled over fire and the forge

Celtic Gods
Lugh – Bright God of the Sun, and all trades and skills
Gofannon – Ruled over craftspeople and metal-workers
Dagda – Great Father God who ruled over life, death, knowledge and prosperity
Belenus – God of the sun, livestock and bonfires.

You should know that this is just a really brief outline of each Deity. Each one is a complete "person", and have complete personalities to match. Do not get too caught up by placing each one in a tiny little cubby-hole. This is just an overview of some well-known Wiccan Gods. There are dozens (hundreds) more of them, and more pages will be added with details soon.

You can also do a little more research into the feminine side of Deity with a similar list of Wiccan Goddesses.

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