Wiccan Goddesses

Wiccan Goddesses come from many different cultures and time periods, though it would be more accurate to say that these are really Pagan Goddesses not just Wiccan ones. Namely because Wicca is such a new religion and these Deities have been around for thousands of years.

To be more correct, Wicca itself is a duotheistic religion that has a single Goddess and a single God. But I am not going to question the common modern practice of many Wiccans who are working with Goddesses from many other pantheons.

Norse Goddesses
Freya – Sister to Freyr, and ruler over love, sexuality and fertility
Frigga – Wife to Odin and Goddess the home, married women and family
Hel – Ruler of the underworld as well as all forms of magick and divination

Egyptian Goddesses

Bast – Well-known cat goddess, who is also associated with the moon and childbirth
Hathor – The Goddess of motherhood and childbirth, often seen as a cow
Isis – Married to Osiris, Isis is the main Mother Goddess who ruled over most household crafts and skills
Ma'at – Goddess of justice, symbolized by a feather
Nephthys – A darker Goddess of magick, wife of Set

Greek (Roman) Goddesses
Because the Greek pantheon of Goddesses was co-opted by the Romans, the Deities are all pretty much the same except for the names. The ones in brackets are the Roman names.

Aphrodite (Venus) – Goddess of love, romance and sexuality
Artemis (Diana) – Virgin Goddess of the hunt
Athena (Minerva) – Another warrior Goddess, ruling over many household crafts
Demeter (Ceres) – Harvest Goddess who gave agriculture to man
Hecate – Not really known in the Roman world, but otherwise a dark Goddess of the witchcraft, magick and mystery
Hera (Juno) – Wife to Zeus, matron of married women and family

Celtic Goddesses
Arianrhod – Mother aspect of the Welsh triple goddess, ruling over the moon and stars
Blodeuwedd – Maiden aspect, and associated with flowers, beginnings and wisdom
Brigid - Very popular Goddess who was worshipped for crafting, the forge and poetry
Cerridwen – Crone Goddess of wisdom, transformation and the cauldron
Danu – Great Earth Goddess of fertility, cattle and prosperity
Epona – More specifically a Gaulish Goddess, associated with the horse and household

As I'm sure you can guess, this is just a really narrow snapshot of each Wiccan Goddess. Each one had a number of other traits aside from the ones they are best known for, and should be see as whole people not just tiny labels.

I have a similar page for the main Wiccan Gods if you are also interested in the male Deities.

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