Wiccan Earth Spells

This page of Wiccan earth spells is part of our elemental spells collection, and the second page specifically on earth spells. You don't need to be Wiccan to perform these spells, either.

Earth represents and has power over all forms of wealth and abundance, as well as fertility, home and nature itself. 

wiccan earth spellsOur second page of earth spells

Indoor Grounding

Grounding is basically just releasing excess energy into the earth, often done after powerful rituals or any stressful day. Really, all you have to do is go outside and stand on the ground or touch a tree but if you are stuck inside, this can be a handy way to perform a quickie grounding without access to the outdoors.

  • Bag of potting soil
  • 4 dried beans or corn kernels
  • Pinch of coarse sea salt
  • A ceramic, wooden or glass bowl

The bowl should be larger than your hand span, and made from a natural material (no metal or plastic).

Fill up the bowl with soil, and then push the beans into the dirt forming the points of a square shape. Sprinkle the salt in the center of the square.

Place your hand, palm down, into the dirt. Press gently but you don't have to shove your hand right in. Visualize your energy running down your arm, out your hand and into the dirt. Let the Earth absorb everything. Repeat the following several times:

Drain from me, from my hand
Energy, into the land
Send it deep into the ground
Now it's gone, can't be found.

Repeat at least 4 times, out loud is best. Switch hands, and do it again. Make sure you concentrate on sending out that energy.

You can reuse the bowl of earth, as long as you are able to cleanse it under the light of a full moon between uses. Either that, or just replace the earth.

Fehu is the rune for abundance magick

Earth & Abundance

A typical Wiccan Earth spell is all about bringing things to life and letting things grow, and that is usually summed up as "abundance". Sometimes it's money, but anything that develops in your life would count. If you need a little abundance, ask the Earth.

  • A large plain rock
  • Green paint
  • Dried patchouli

The rock you pick should be at least as big as your fist, but bigger is better (within reason). You don't need to go nuts with boulders here.

Set your rock up somewhere in your house where it won't be disturbed. An altar is nice but anywhere will do. The kitchen is the Earthiest part of the house, if that works.

Use the green paint to heavily paint the rune Fehu onto the top of the rock. While the paint is wet, sprinkle dried patchouli into the paint. Let it dry thoroughly, and blow off any loose herb bits.

Your abundance charm is ready to go. Ask it to bring you new things into your life every time you walk by. Otherwise, leave it alone to work its magick.


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