White Witch Spells

White witch spells are spells intended for witches who prefer to do no harm, and to not exert any magickal control over others. Its not always a clear line between black and white magic spells, as you are always making some kind of change in your circumstances with a spell. Anyway, for those who like to work in the white magick realm only, here are a few spells for you.

Since most white witch spells try to avoid controlling or influencing others, they tend to focus on personal improvement or change. So that will be what this page is about.

Find Your Path

Not sure where you are going in life? Join the club. If you want a little magickal guidance to point the way, this is the white spell for you. You will need:

  • A paper map
  • 3 push pins or thumb tacks
  • Thick black marker
  • One silver coin
  • One white candle

The map can be a real paper one, or just a printout and it doesn't really matter what the region is. It's just a symbolic element to the spell.

Lay the map out on a flat surface, but with something (like thick cardboard or even a kitchen cutting board) that can take a push pin. Push in 3 tacks to make a big triangle, though it doesn't need to be geometrically perfect. Use the marker to draw lines between each of the tacks.

Set the coin in the center of the triangle. And repeat the words of the spell:

Which way to go,
I need to know.
Point the way,
At the end of the day.

Set the candle on the table above the map to the north and light it. Repeat the same words again. Leave the candle to burn out on its own.

When you are done, take everything apart and fold up the map. Place it under your pillow that night, and you should start to have dreams that provide you with some direction.

A Love Drawn In

Love spells can be tricky in the world of white magic because you don't want to force anything on another person. So here is a version of a white love spell that doesn't specifically target anyone and simply releases a general call to the Universe to help bring a new person into your life.

  • 2 acorns
  • Rose oil
  • Ylang ylang oil

If you really can't find any acorns, you can substitute any other large seeds. Peanuts will work if you are desperate. Acorns are best though.

Place 2 drops of rose oil in the palm of one hand, and 2 drops of ylang-ylang oil in the other. Rub your hands together and then pick up the acorns. Roll the acorns around in your hands to get them warm and anointed with oil. Holding them between your palms, raise your hands over your head and say:

I make my call to the powers that be,
To bring new love my way.
Like these seeds that grow and grow,
Romance comes any day.

Lower your hands so that they are in front of you, and open them up so the acorns are sitting on your palms. Think about why you want to meet someone and that you are open to a new relationship. Put your hands back together and repeat the words.

Set one acorn on either side of your bed, and you should soon draw some new relationship into your life.

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