White Magic Spells

White magic can be used in pretty much any part of your life, when you need money, love or better health. Many new witches are very worried about making sure they only cast white spells, but the term is very misleading.

Whether spells are "good" or "evil" kind of depends on how you use them and what your intents are, not the spells themselves. That's something to think about while you look for new spells to try.

You might want to read my other article about black and white magic spells for more details on that.

If you are looking for love spells, you should click to the white magic love spells page. The spells on this page are for other purposes.

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Stone's Throw Away

This spell is used when you have something in your life you want to get rid of, such as a bad habit or even an illness. All you need is:

• A smooth stone
• A bowl large enough to hold the stone
• Sea salt
• Water

Hold the stone in both hands, and concentrate on whatever it is you want to get rid of. Set it in the bowl. Pour water over the stone until the bowl is nearly full. Add 3 teaspoons of salt, and use your finger to stir the water counter-clockwise.

Continue to stir while you focus on sending your troubles away. Stop stirring and let the water settle down. Take out the stone (try not to spill too much water), and go outside. Face to the east, and throw the rock as far as you can. If you can't safely throw it right at home, feel free to go to a park or field to do this part.

At home, leave the salt water out until it evaporates. By then, your problem should have left you.

white magic for witchcraft or wicca

Home of Peace

You don't have to wait until there is tension in your home for this spell. It should be used to help keep things peaceful rather than to dispel any fights going on. You will need to get:

• A small item that represents each family member
• A lavender coloured bag
• Dried lavender flowers
• Dried chamomile
• A small piece of amethyst

The items that you pick for your family can be anything, but they all have to fit inside the bag. They don't necessarily need to be things that each person actually owns (though that wouldn't hurt).

Fill the bag with the items, as well as the dried flowers. Repeat the following:

Home of peace
Home of quiet
Home of love
Home of light
Add the amethyst to the bag, and repeat the words again. Tuck the bag somewhere secure that the family uses frequently (like the living room or kitchen). After you found a place for the charm, repeat the words one more time.

All of the spells included in the witchcraft spells or the Wiccan spells pages are considered to be "white magic" so you can also find a larger collection of spells there.

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