What is the Difference Between a Wiccan and a Witch?

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Q. What is the difference between a Wiccan and a witch?

A. Many people who are unfamiliar with either witchcraft or Wicca will say that these words mean the same thing. They do not.

Witchcraft is the practice of magick, whereby the material world is altered through an application of will and energy by the witch. Witchcraft is a magickal practice, but one that has no spiritual or religious connections.

Wicca on the other hand, is a religion and those who follow it are called Wiccans. Practising witchcraft is an integral part of being Wiccan, but they are not one in the same. There are a number of other principles and beliefs that are part of being Wiccan.

Fundamentally, Wicca is a religion where witchcraft is not.

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