Wellbeing Spells

This section of wellbeing spells is a mix of magick for various things to improve your mind and body.

Of course, this can mean different things to different people. So far, I've focused on spells for physical improvement but intend to add more pages for more emotional, spiritual and mental improvements too.

And when it comes to physical improvements, the most popular course is to lose weight. Weight loss spells are very popular, namely because losing weight can be such a difficult task that people need all the help they can get. Information on gender transformation spells is another area that is getting popular lately.

If you aren't specifically trying to slim down, there are other forms of beauty spells to help others see you as more attractive. It's all about perception and confidence, rather than any actual physical changes. And if you are looking for a more fundamental kind of change, you can see my transformation spells or glamour spells too.

To change the overall direction of your life, a spell for a new beginning may be more suitable for your situation.

Here is a quick index of spells in this section:

Melt Away the PoundsHappiness Blooms Winds of Change
Refrigerator BindingSee Yourself BeautifulCraving Crystal Spell
Herbal Weight Loss Bath Three Candle Joy Spell Beauty Within and Without
Seeds of Change Lying Lips Spell Little Bag o Luck
Spirit Spark Notice Me Spell Wish on a Star
Gender Empathy Orange Orb of Luck Loss from Within
Blessing BellsOpen a Cosmic DoorUniverse Opens

And for some more internal well being, you can try a happiness spell to help boost your mood when you find yourself down in the dumps. Or you could also bring in a little overall good luck or added energy to help improve your spirits. Really, any kind of blessing spells can help with your overall happiness. You could also go for a more old-fashioned wish spell when you are hoping to make some thing special happen in your life.

Needing a creative boost can mean it's time for an inspiration spell

If you are struggling with stress, you can try a spell for anxiety for a little magickal mental focus and relaxation.

Sometimes happiness is far from your mind when someone has died, so having a few death spells in your Book of Shadows can come in handy when someone has passed on.

I've also added a special page specifically for those popular eye color change spells. Is that really what you think magick is all about?

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