Types of Witchcraft

types of witchcraft and spellsUnderstanding all the various types of witchcraft

There are many different types of witchcraft, usually based on the culture where that form of magick originated. The fundamentals are the same but the style of spells and history of the practice will change from one type to the next.

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Not all types of witchcraft are based on other time periods, nationalities or cultures. Christian witchcraft is a good example of a different path not based on a traditional form of witchcraft. There are also some simpler paths that just get you connected to the magick of nature, like green witchcraft. And of course, you can't forget the age-old kitchen witch spells either.

If you're wondering why there is no mention of Wicca here, that's because Wicca and witchcraft are two very different practices even though they do overlap in many places. For more information on the different "kinds" of Wicca, you can see more on that on the Wiccan traditions page. 

And speaking of the Wiccan religion, there is often some confusion about whether witchcraft is a religion as well. That's not an easy question to answer and you may have to decide for yourself.