Fast Spells of Magic

Finding fast spells of magic can be tricky, mainly because magic really isn't something you can prod to move quickly. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. And we don't always have time (or the patience) to wait weeks for results, or wait weeks for that right time to cast the spell in the first place. So there are a few fast spells of magic that you can cast right away and that should start to work within a day or two (nothing is instant).  

Fast Cash Magick

Our first spell of magic is for a little added financial gain. It's a quick spell but not likely to bring in the huge bucks. Except a small windfall, nothing more.

  • Length of green yarn or ribbon
  • A silver coin
  • A fresh basil leaf

Get your stuff together when you're ready to cast your spell, any time is fine. You're going to be tying 5 knots along the ribbon, so space them out evenly as you go. The words of the spell are:

With the knot of one, the spell's begun.
With the knot of two, the magic's true.
With the knot of three, bring money to me.
With the knot of four, bring wealth to my door.
With the knot of five, my power's alive.

You repeat one line for each knot. Except on the 3rd (middle) knot, you say the line and tie the ribbon around the coin and the basil leaf. All the other knots are just knots.

Leave your knotted cord in a safe place and wait for a little fast money to come your way.


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Personal Protection Charm

This is a fast spell to create a protection charm you can carry with you. It's strictly for personal protection, not for a house or someone else. Make up the charm, and keep it on you.

  • A pendant you'll be comfortable wearing
  • Patchouli oil
  • Pinch of fresh soil

You can use any symbol or charm for your pendant. It doesn't need to be magickal itself. The spell gives it the power. Rub a few drops of oil on the pendant, and then a bit of soil. Rub it between your hands for a few moments, repeating the spell out loud:

I wear this charm,
protect from harm.
Earth to earth
Gives it worth.

Dust off any remaining dirt crumbs and wear right away. That's it. It will provide you with protection for just a few days, making it ideal for meetings with unpleasant people or short travel trips.

Like I said already, no spells of magic are instant so don't expect results the second you're done casting the spell. Give these at least a day to start to show their effects.


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