Spells from Harry Potter G - O

Spells from Harry potter

This is the second part of the list of spells from Harry Potter books and movies. I have included the name of each spell as well as the phrase used to cast it, where available. Not all spells were given explicit names in the books, and some were cast without any speech.

Most of the spoken spells from Harry Potter use words based in Latin, though most have been creatively adjusted by the author, J.K Rowling. None of these spells are real, so don't ask. They are strictly works of fiction and shouldn't influence your thinking on what magick really is.

Creates duplicates of an object, though it cannot replicate the magical power of an object.

Flattens out a staircase, turning into into a ramp.

Gripping Charm
Gives someone a better grip on an object. Commonly used in Quidditch.

Hair Loss Curse
Like the name says.

Hair Thickening Charm
Another self-explanatory spell.

Homenum Revelio
Reveals the location of anyone hiding nearby.

Homorphus Charm
Forces someone in animal form (an Animagus) to resume their human form.

Horton-Keitch Braking Charm
A spell for Quidditch to keep brooms from flying off the field.

Hot Air Charm
Creates a stream of hot air from the caster's wand.

Hover Charm
Levitates and moves an object.

Hurling Hex
Makes a flying broom jump around in the air, bucking off a rider.

Immobulus - Freezing Charm
Freezes or paralyzes the person that its cast on.

Impedimenta - Impediment Curse
Creates obstacles between the spell's caster and an attacker, usually causing the attacker to trip, fall or be frozen.

Imperio - Imperius Curse
The last of the three "Unforgivable Curses", that gives the caster total control over another person's actions.

Imperturbable Charm
Makes a door impenetrable to sound.

Give an object the power to repel outside forces, such as water.

Ties up a person with rope.

Create a burst of flame.

Intruder Charm
Sets on an alarm when an intruder is near.

Jelly Brain Jinx
Gives someone confusion or is described to "affect the target's mental processes". Not sure exactly what that is supposed to mean.

Jelly Fingers Curse
The victim will have their fingers turn to jelly, and they will be unable to pick anything up.

Jelly Legs Jinx
Another obvious spell, making someone's legs turn to jelly.

Knee Reversal Hex
Moves a person's knees to the backs of their legs.

Sticks a person's tongue to the roof of their mouth.

Give the caster the ability to read a person's mind, and see their memories.

Cast on someone to hang them by their ankles in midair.

This spell makes an object rise and be moved by the caster. Similar to other spells from Harry Potter, like the Hover charm.

Locomotor Mortis
Locks someone's legs together so they can't walk.

Turns a wand into a flashlight with a beam of light.

Meteolojinx Recanto
Undoes any magic cast on the weather.

Moves a tree from one place to another.

Moves a person from one place to another.

Morsmordre - Dark Mark
Casts the Dark Mark of Voldemort.

Prevents anyone nearby from overhearing conversations.

Turns off the light created by the Lumos spell.

Obliteration Charm
Erases things, such as footprints.

Obliviate - Memory Charm
Erases memories.

Creates a blindfold on the person the spell is cast upon.

When cast on other conjured objects, they will attack a victim.

Create a bouquet of flowers.

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