Spells from Episodes of Charmed

List of spells from episodes of Charmed television show

It can be hard to keep track of all the spells from episodes of Charmed, so here is a list of them all. They're organized by season and episode, but I only have the names right now. I will expand these pages out later to include all the words to the spells as well, but for now it's just an episode list.

They are listed by their spell name, and the name of the episode is in brackets. These spells are all found within the Book of Shadows belonging to the Charmed ones.

Season One

• Protection spell (Something Wicca This Way Comes)
• Dominus Trinus (Something Wicca This Way Comes)
• To lose a love forever (Something Wicca This Way Comes)
• Warlock spell (Something Wicca This Way Comes)
• To invoke the Hand of Fatima (I've Got You Under My Skin)
• Safety spell (Thank Your For Not Morphing)
• To draw a love (Dream Sorcerer)
• To drive away a love (Dream Sorcerer)
• To create a storm (Wedding from Hell)
• To summon Kali (The Fourth Sister)
• Truth spell (The Truth is Out There, and it Hurts)
• Warlock curse (The Witch is Back)
• To call blood to blood (The Witch is Back)
• To release Melinda Warren (The Witch is Back)
• To relinquish our powers (Wicca Envy)
• To brush away your troubles (From Fear to Eternity)
• Woogyman spell (Is There a Woogy in the House?)
• Charm of multiplicity (Which Prue is it Anyway?)
• To unbind a bond (That '70s Episode)
• To return to your own time (That '70s Episode)
• The Nick must die spell (That '70s Episode)
• To stir a warlocks evil nature (When Bad Warlocks Turn Good)
• To vanquish a ghost (The Power of Two)
• To exchange powers (Love Hurts)
• To accelerate time (Deja Vu All Over Again)

Season Two

• To reverse the love spell (Witch Trial)
• To reverse the warlock spell (Witch Trial)
• To reverse the Woogyman spell (Witch Trial)
• Invoke the Power of Three (Witch Trial)
• To move ahead in time (Morality Bites)
• Return spell (Morality Bites)
• To bind powers (Morality Bites)
• To create a door (Morality Bites)
• To discourage a lover (Morality Bites)
• To erase a memory (Morality Bites)
• Smart spell (Painted World)
• To free what is lost (Painted World)
• Words free us all (Painted World)
• To attract a succubus (She's a Man, Baby, a Man)
• To disempower a witch (The Old Black Magic)
• Sleep spell (That Old Black Magic)
• To hear secret thoughts (They're Everywhere)
• Marcy's protection spell (Ms. Hellfire)
• Awakening spell (Awakened)
• To reverse awakening spell (Awakened)
• To create a mate (Animal Pragmatism)
• To turn humans into animals (Animal Pragmatism)
• To reverse the humans into animals spell (Animal Pragmatism)
• Past life spell (Pardon my Past)
• To kill an evil witch (Pardon my Past)
• To switch bodies with a past life (Pardon my Past)
• To return to present life (Pardon my Past)
• Spell to receive a sign (Give Me a Sign)
• Good luck spell (Murphy's Luck)
• To summon Cryto (Make a Quilt Out of Americans)
• To call a witch's powers (Make a Quilt Out of Americans)
• To vanquish Cryto (Make a Quilt Out of Americans)
• To vanquish demon of illusion (Chick Flick)
• To vanquish a Libris demon (Ex Libris)
• To vanquish demon of anarchy (Apocalypse Not)
• Demon of anarchy vanquish reversal (Apocalypse Not)
• Warlock spell (Careful What You Witch For)

Season 3

• To see the unseen (Once Upon a Time)
• To release an Empath of its gift (Primrose Empath)
• Belthazor vanquishing potion (Sleuthing with the Enemy)
• Summon Belthazor / magic to magic spell ( Sleuthing with the Enemy)
• Alchemist vanquishing spell (Coyote Piper)
• To expel a life essense (Coyote Piper)
• Eames vanquishing spell (Blinded by the Whitelighter)
• Lost and found spell (Wrestling with Demons)
• To find Tom (Wrestling with Demons)
• Reversal spell (Wrestling with Demons)
• Dark binding (Bride and Gloom)
• Hemlock killing spell (Bride and Gloom)
• To kill a female warlock (Bride and Gloom)
• To vanquish a dark priestess (Bride and Gloom)
• Handfasting spell (Just Harried)
• To summon the angel of death (Death Takes a Halliwell)
• Seekers vanquishing spell (Death Takes a Halliwell)
• Seance spell (Pre-Witched)
• To vanquish a feline warlock familiar (Pre-Witched)
• To track a banshee (Look Who's Barking)
• To vanquish shax (All Hell Breaks Loose)

Season 4

• To summon the dead (Charmed Again, pt 1)
• To call a lost witch (Charmed Again, pt 1)
• To send one away (Charmed Again, pt 1)
• Enchantment spell (Charmed Again, pt 2)
• Exorcism spell (Charmed Again, pt 2)
• Instant karma spell (Hell Hath No Fury)
• Vanishing spell (Hell Hath No Fury)
• To promote compromise (Hell Hath No Fury)
• To reverse a backfired spell (Hell Hath No Fury)
• To vanquish the Collector (Size Matters)
• To call a lover to oneself (Knight to Remember)
• To call oneself to a lover (Knight to Remember)
• To vanquish the shocker demon (Knight to Remember)
• To vanquish a chameleon demon (Brain Drain)
• Mind link (Brain Drain)
• To break a mind link (Brain Drain)
• To see a muse (Muse to My Ears)
• To draw yourself to a muse (Muse to My Ears)
• Warlock vanquishing spell (Muse to My Ears)
• To make a muse invisible (Muse to My Ears)
• To stretch the imagination (Trial by Magic)
• Seance spell (Trial by Magic)
• To open a door (Lost and Bound)
• To vanquish Ludlow (Lost and Bound)
• To call on our ancestors (Charmed and Dangerous)
• To hear your heart's desire (Three Faces of Phoebe)
• To vanquish Kurzon (Three Faces of Phoebe)
• Vanishing spell (Marry-Go-Round)
• To vanquish a harpie (Bite Me)
• To call upon our ancestors (Long Live the Queen)
• To steal a baby from the womb (Womb Raider)
• Protection spell (Womb Raider)
• To find a lost love (Witch Way Now?)
• Reversal spell (Witch Way Now?)

This is the first 4 seasons of spells from episodes of Charmed, and you can continue to the next 4 seasons on the next page.

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