Spells for Teens

Spells for teens are pretty much the same as spells for anyone else, except that I have decided to focus on topics that would suit a teenager.

There are already some teen-appropriate spells on the site, like the Stitched Lips spell to stop gossip or the page of self-esteem spells for some inner beauty. I also have a very nice lunar blessing spell that would be a great first spell for a teenager wanting to consecrate new tools.

But now, here are some more teen spells for you to try.

spells for teens

Study Boost Candle Spell

I'd suggest saving this for an important exam or project, rather than casting spells every time you have school work. You will need:

  • One yellow candle
  • At least 3 of these oils:
  • Sage
  • Rosemary
  • Lilac
  • Almond
  • Vetiver
  • Something to carve the candle with

Use your sharp tool (knife or screwdriver will work) and write the word "wisdom" along the side of the candle, with the word starting towards the wick end. Using one oil at a time, rub your chosen oils over the word while concentrating on the subject matter at hand, and telling yourself that you're going to focus on what you're about to do.

After all 3 oils have been added to the candle, set it in a holder where you can see it as you study. Light it, and get to work. Needless to say, you can't really do this if you're studying in a library but it can be a great help when you're doing school work at home.

Smooth the Waters Spell

Constantly fighting with a sibling or parent? Try to calm things down with this water spell. It won't make people agree with you or anything like that, but it does bring down the tension levels and help everyone be reasonable. It's more of a family spell, but you could try it when you have problems with friends too. You'll need:

  • A stemmed glass (like a wine glass or goblet)
  • A piece of labradorite, pyrite or sodalite (or all three if you have them)
  • Three pieces of yarn, in yellow, white and pale blue
  • Clean water

Tie the pieces of yarn (ribbon or string would do), to the stem of the glass and then fill it with water. Now this is the tricky part: you have to get the other person involved to handle the stones. I don't care how, they need to be touched by the person you are having problems with.

Hold the stones in your own hands after that, then drop them into the glass. Stir the water with your finger, and say:

Ripples and strife
Problems in life,
Smooth out the peace,
May troubles cease.

Watch the glass while the ripples fade away. When the water is still again, move the glass somewhere that it won't be disturbed (like the back of a cabinet or shelf). The spell will last as long as there is still water in the cup.

Need more spells? Try a complete book for Wiccan teens to really get a good collection to work with.

Remember, these spells for teens are just examples of rituals that might appeal to teenagers. Any spell on this site can be used by anyone of any age. And if you are very new to casting spells, you should spend some time on the How to Cast a Spell page.

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