Spells for Kids

These spells for kids aren't necessarily intended for children to start performing on their own, but if you are raising Wiccan or Pagan children, these are the types of spells that would be appropriate to introduce them into the art.

Just remember to explain the concept of magick to kids so that they don't get their hopes up unrealistically when you start casting spells.

witchcraft spells for kids

Find a Lost Toy Spell

Can't find that one Lego piece you really need, or is a favorite doll missing a hat? This is a great finding spell for kids. You will need:

  • A drawing of the missing item
  • Cloth bag or box big enough to hold the drawing
  • A piece of jade, fluorite, moonstone or just clear quartz

Have your child draw a picture of the missing toy, in detail and color as best they can. Fold it over once and put it in the box. Put the stone in the box too. Have your child say the following words:

My toy is lost,
I need to find
I offer this,
Please be kind.

Explain that you're offering the universe your drawing of the toy in exchange for the actual thing. Put the box somewhere safe, and hopefully the missing item will turn up quickly after that.

Sweet Dreams Spell

Help keep away the bad dreams with a little knot spell for kids. You can use yarn or ribbon for this, it doesn't really matter.

  • 2 pieces of lavender and blue ribbons
  • Small piece of paper

Before bedtime, draw an angry or scared face on the paper, and roll it up. Tie the pieces of ribbon around the paper and tie firmly with a good knot. Set this little charm next to the bed, and repeat:

Bad dreams tied up,
Sad dreams tied up,
Mad dreams tied up,
I want sweet dreams tonight.

You can repeat the words over the tied charm each night to keep the spell going.

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