Spells for Eye Color Change

witchcraft spells for eye color change

Ah, I'll bet you watched the Craft, didn't you? Spells for eye color change have been popular since that movie came out, and everyone wants to see if they can find a "real" one.

Unfortunately, this isn't something you can realistically accomplish with magick. Especially not as simply and easily as its done in the movies.

The closest kind of magick that you can do to change your eye color, would be a more general kind of "glamor" to alter how other people see you. They're not the most reliable or successful spells, and you can't really specify how someone is going to see you. I mean, you can't cast a glamor to specifically change your brown eyes to look blue, or your black hair into blonde.

Any spells for eye color change that you find online are usually just general glamors and I'll bet they don't do much for you because you have the wrong expectations when you cast them.

Glamors usually can only create a general impression about you, such as convincing people you are "more attractive" or "more confident" without actually doing anything to your looks. They change the perception not the reality.

And to be honest, why would you want to change your eye color? It's a very minimal and trivial thing to do, and surely you know enough that magick isn't a trivial pursuit. You don't learn witchcraft in order to do pointless parlor tricks. And on that note, I also mention the popular spells to become a vampire on another page.

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