Spells by Harry Potter P - Z

spells by harry potter in the books and movies

The final page of spells by Harry Potter, though they aren't necessary spells that were specifically cast by him. These are spells that can be found all through the Harry Potter series of books and in the movies as well. Because the movies didn't cover every scene from the books, many of these spells are not included on film.

Magically pack a trunk or suitcase.

Permanent Sticking Charm
Attach something permanently, usually to a wall (like a portrait).

Peskipiksi Pesternomi
A made-up spell that supposedly gets rid of pixies, but wasn't actually a real spell even in the book.

Petrificus Totalus - Body Bind Curse
Causes the person cast upon to freeze in position.

Piertotum Locomotor
Animate things like suits of armor to obey the person casting the spell.

Pig Tail Hex
Gives someone a pig tail. Pretty straightforward.

Placement Charm
Puts an object in a certain place temporarily.

Point Me - Four Point Spell
Turns a wand into a compass of sorts, pointing towards the north.

Used to create an enchanted portkey out of an object. A portkey can then be used to transport to a distant destination.

Prior Incantato
Used to see what the most recent spell another wand has cast.

Protean Charm
Creates duplicates, but also allows for the copies to reflect any changes made to the original item.

Protego - Shield Charm
Creates a shield to ward off minor spells, and can bounce the spells effects back to the person casting them.

Protego Horribilis
Protects (somehow) against forms of Dark Magic.

Protego Totalum
Another protection spell that is not really described very well in the books.

Returns your voice to normal, if it's been magnified by the Sonorus spell.

Causes an object to shrink.

Reducto - Reductor Curse
A spell to make things explode.

Refilling Charm
Refill a container of liquid, usually some kind of drink.

Releases someone or something that is being held by magical means.

Wake someone who has been rendered unconscious.

This spell is used throughout the series, to repair broken items.

Repello Muggletum - Muggle Repelling Charm
Keeps Muggles away by reminding them of other important things they should be doing right then.

Rictusempra - Tickling Charm
Makes a person feel like they are being tickled.

A defense spell against a Boggart, to turn it into something funny and harmless.

Salvio Hexia
Protection against hexes.

Scourgify - Scouring Charm
A spell to clean things.

Wounds an opponent with a violent slashing. Created by Snape

Create a magic serpent from a wand.

Silencio - Silencing Charm
To cause someone or something to be silent.

Slug-Vomiting Charm
No explanation needed.

Makes someone's voice very loud, usually for public speaking. The Quietus spell turns it back off.

Specialis Revelio - Scarpin's Revelaspell
This spell is used to show the magical properties of other objects.

Stealth Sensoring Spell
Lets the caster know when someone is under a magical disguise.

Stinging Hex
Creates painful red welts on the victim.

Stupefy - Stunning Spell
Knocks someone unconscious. This is one of the most commonly used spells by Harry Potter, particularly during battle scenes with the Death Eaters.

Supersensory Charm
Gives the caster more acute senses.

Switching Spell
Switch two objects, moving each to the other's location.

When this spell is cast on a word, the caster is alerted whenever anyone says it.

Makes someone's legs dance out of control.

Sucks up any liquid from a surface. Also works on powders or dust.

Tongue-Tying Curse
A curse that literally causes one's tongue to fold up if they try to reveal the secret that the spell is protecting.

Trip Jinx
Makes someone trip and fall.

Unbreakable Vow
Once cast, the vow cannot be broken or the person who the spell is cast on will die.

Undetectable Extension Charm
Makes something larger on the inside than it is on the outside.

Unbreakable Charm
Enchants any object to make it indestructible.

Send small items flying through the air.

Wingardium Leviosa - Levitation Charm
Yet another levitation spell.

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