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Now, I'm only covering spell casting software because it's something that apparently a lot of people are looking for. I can't imagine why. Anyway, I've done some research on this and have gotten a bit of a surprise. You can actually find computer software to help you cast spells. How crazy is that?

There is one called SpellKaster that supposedly involves some sort of radionic energy. Another one called EnchanterX 2.0 also has something to do with radionic energy. Apparently radionic energy is an energy field that is more commonly used in alternative healing methods. While that may be true, I can't see how that would have much on an impact on trying to perform magick, except possibly for personal healing spells.

spell casting software

The idea is that the programs use the computer to direct actual radionic energy for you in order to help you fulfil your magickal goal. That might be the strangest thing I've ever heard of. Please don't waste your time or money. If computers had any ability to create this type of energy and that it could actually work in this way, the world would be very different and everyone would be successful iWitches. The whole idea is ridiculous!

Well, my purpose here isn't just to bash these spell casting software programs. I want to emphasize that magick isn't some sort of novelty trick for your amusement. It's a skill that comes with natural talent as well as practice and research. Would you buy some kind of computer program to make you cook better? Of course not. You have to do it yourself in order to really learn anything. That doesn't mean you can't learn about spellwork and witchcraft, and learn new techniques, but a program can't do the work for you. It just doesn't work that way.

So that's my opinion on spell casting software, which I'm sure hasn't come as a complete surprise to you. If you are still looking for some help in getting your magick to work better, try our pages on how spells work or how to cast a spell.

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