Spell Articles

The spell articles on the site are a little scattered through the different sections, so I thought an index might be helpful. These pages are all those articles about spells, like how to cast them and whatnot.

Articles on Casting Spells

How to Cast a Spell
Setting Up an Altar
Spell Supplies
Casting Spells for Yourself
Learning Spells
How Spells Work
Your Book of Shadows
Hiring a Spell Caster
Ethics of Money Spells´╗┐
Do Love Spells Work
Best Days for Casting Spells

How to Cast a Circle
How to Cast Love Spells
Spell Components

Articles on Wicca and Witchcraft

Basics of Wicca
The Origin of Wicca
Being a Solitary Witch
The 8 Sabbat Holidays
Wiccan Traditions
Modern Witchcraft
Teen Wicca
Gods & Goddesses
Taking a Wiccan Name
Difference between Wicca and Witchcraft
Why is There a K in Magick
Wiccan Covens

Besides these spell articles, there are also other resources besides the spells themselves. You can check out the glossary of terms, the moon phase calendar, the shop directory and the supplies shop.

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