Sleeping Spells

dreams and sleeping spells in witchcraft

Sleeping spells are typically used to bring on more restful sleep, but there are other types of related magick as well. Spells to influence your dreaming, or to keep away nightmares are another variety. So I have included a few to choose from.

Restful Breathing Spell
This deep breathing spell will help you relax and have better luck getting to sleep. You are going to need:

• One white candle
• 3 pieces of blue lace agate
• 3 pieces of amethyst
• A small cloth bag in light blue
• Dried lavender buds

Get ready for bed in your usual way, then set your items out on your altar. Light the candle. Watch the flame for a few minutes then take the stones in your hands. Close your eyes and let yourself relax. Take long deep breaths, counting slowly to 4 with each inhalation and then to 4 again with each exhale.

Continue for several minutes until you feel all your stresses leaving you. Put the crystals in the bag along with a few pinches of lavender, and place it near your bed. Go to bed and let yourself fall asleep.

Easy Sleep Tea
Ok, I will admit that this is not really a spell. But what witch doesn't love doing a little herbal remedy when they can. These herbs will create a very relaxing tea that can help put you to sleep naturally. You can also use this tea along with any other spells for a little added boost.

Mix a blend of these dried herbs, about 1 tsp of each:

• Chamomile
• Valerian
• Lemon Balm
• Lavender

This will make enough for about 4 cups of tea, using 1 tsp of the mixture in hot water. Let it steep for 3 or 4 minutes, then strain out the herbs. Add a little honey if you prefer a sweetener, and drink before bed. Valerian is not the most pleasant tasting though it is the most potent part of the mix. Leave it out if you really dislike the flavor.

Elsewhere on the site, there are already some other good sleep-related spells:

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