Past, Present, Future Tarot Spread

The Past, Present, Future Tarot spread is a perfect one for any beginner Tarot readers. It's just three cards, and the interpretation is very straight-forward. 

Shuffle the cards, and lay out the top three like this:

3 card tarot spreadPast, Present, Future Tarot Spread

The Tarot cards are interpreted:

1. The past - something from your past that is having a direct influence on the question or situation you are asking about. 

2. The present - this is an important aspect of the situation right now, possibly an answer or even a clearer view of the problem's source. 

3. The future - this card shows you how the situation is going to turn out, usually based on you taking steps shown to you with the Present card. 

This is a good spread to start your Tarot readings with, and one to practice as you learn the meanings of the cards. It's best to show you solutions to problems going on in your life, rather than to explore just your future. It ties past choices with current problems, and how that leads to a better outcome. 

I've done a video for our Youtube channel that illustrates this spread and includes a sample reading with real cards to demonstrate:

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