Pagan or Wiccan Spells

Pagan Wiccan spellsWhat's the difference between Pagan and Wiccan spells? Not much.

Wondering "Pagan or Wiccan"? Well, I get a lot of people looking for either Wiccan spells or Pagan spells around here, and I am guessing that most people aren't too clear on the difference. I've already discussed the difference between witchcraft and Wicca, so now it's time to take a look at the term "Pagan" a little more.

The bottom line is that all of these spells are basically the same, but with slightly varied tone (or no real differences at all).

Wiccan spells adhere specifically to the tenets of the Wiccan religion, usually involving the casting of a circle and the calling of the quarters. On the other hand, Pagan spells can be a lot less restrictive and can use any form of magickal approach, often tied to the natural elements.

That's because Pagan really refers to a broad group of spiritual paths, not just one kind of magickal idea. Paths and religions from many world religions are considered Pagan, though it's not that easy to define them as such. Usually polytheistic, often nature-focused, frequently involving rituals, and so on.  

Examples of Pagan and Wiccan Spells:

Pagan: Oak of Abundance or a Bonding Ritual love spell (the elemental spell section is also very Pagan)

Wiccan: Safe Travel Charm or Get Rid of Bad Habits spell (or really anything in the Wiccan spells section)

As you can see, there is little difference between Pagan or Wiccan spells. Don't bother yourself with the terminology and let yourself try any sort of magick as you develop your witchcraft spellworking skills.


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