Pagan and Wiccan Baby Names

Baby naming is a popular subject among the other religious sites, so I figured that I would tackle it too.

This is a tricky topic, more so than you might realize. First of all, what is a Pagan name? Typically, names that are associated with a particular religion are also tied to a particular culture (Muslim names are Arabic in origin) or names taken from the official book or scripture for that religion (Christian names from the Bible).

So, how does that work out for Pagans? Well, it doesn't. There are dozens of cultures linked to modern-day Pagan religions, and we all know there are no central writings to speak of. How would you define a 'Pagan' name?

I suppose you could name your child along the lines of a modern-day Wiccan-style craft name. I don't know how happy a child would be with a name like SilverWind Tree Hammer. Craft names should be chosen by the individual when the time is right for them (or chosen by a High Priest or Priestess, if part of a coven). If you are looking for this kind of name, you can get some inspiration from my Pagan name generator.

Some people might think of the names of the Gods or Goddesses would be a good label for a Pagan. Personally, I think using a Deity's name is a little pompous. But that's just me.

If you want to have your child's name reflect your path, you might think about choosing a name from that culture even though the name wouldn't actually be Pagan. Here are a few off-site links that might be helpful, depending on your faith:

Celtic Recon / Druidry


Kemetic Faith


These sites are just for ideas, and I may not have matched each religion precisely right with each culture. It's all just for fun anyway.

 One last comment, regardless of your own thoughts on the matter, remember to think of the child first and foremost. Many of the names you will find at the above listed sites can be difficult to pronounce to people who speak English. Don't saddle your child with an cumbersome name. I know a couple who gave their son a Gaelic name and not one person who knew them could remember it for more than 3 seconds, let alone say it correctly.

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