Pagan New Year's Resolutions

Besides the ever-popular resolutions to lose weight and to exercise more, I thought it might be fun to make up a list of resolutions specifically for the Pagans out there. Pick one or several to work on this year.

pagan new year resolutions

Attend at least one festival this year
Get out there and mingle. Many solitaries have trouble meeting up with people and often feel very isolated. There are large festivals all over the country, often lasting 4 days to a week and usually held in a rural location with camping for accommodations. Do a little research and find a gathering near you, and make plans to go. If a major event just out of the question for you, then find a smaller gathering like an open circle on a Sabbat or maybe even just check out the local moots.

Experience a new tradition or path
Are you a green hedge-witch, a Gardnerian Wiccan, an Asatru, Shaman or maybe a Celtic Reconstructionist? Well, no matter what your path, there is always something to learn from a different outlook. If you can, find an actual group and get in touch. They may allow you to sit in on one of their meetings or gatherings. Be respectful though. Make sure you let them know your purpose, and that you are not a member of their faith. Take a class, visit a gathering, talk to some members, read a few books. Really make a study of it.

Make one new altar tool
Is everything on your altar a mass-produced and purchased item? While there is certainly nothing wrong with that, why not create a tool that has the added energy of your own effort within it? You don't necessarily have to buy an anvil to forge an athame, but a wooden wand, hand-made candles or a modelling clay Deity statue should be manageable projects.

Spend time with your Deities
This is a big one for me, personally. Life is hectic and crazy on most days and I've found that my spiritual relationship with my Goddess has faded away to the equivalent of a once-a-month email note. How you choose to do this is up to you, but make a commitment to meditate, worship or generally commune on a regular basis. Daily would be exceptional, but weekly might be more realistic.

Not strictly Pagan but a good thing to do nonetheless. Find a local cause and offer some time. If you are comfortable, you could even wear a Pagan t-shirt, pendant or button. Let people know that Pagans do good works too. Of course, advertising your religion isn't the point.

Clean up your local park
What better way to honour Mother Earth than to find a local park or other green space and keep it free of litter and other trash. All you need is a pair of work gloves and a garbage bag. Maybe you'll motivate others to join you.


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