Before You Go to a Pagan Festival

A Pagan festival is an excellent way to get to know some other Pagans, especially if you're in the broom closet during the rest of the year. Most festivals are large, annual events that take place in a rural area. If you've never been, there are some general things to keep in mind before attending a Pagan festival this year.

Read the Rules

This should be pretty obvious. Just because Pagans are known for being open-minded and unconventional, that doesn't mean these festivals are chaotic free-for-alls. There are always rules, and you should respect them.

Check Accommodations

Most outdoor events have camping accommodations, meaning you get a patch of space and you're responsible for bringing your own tent, sleeping bag and everything else you will need. Some events do offer indoor accommodations, usually in the form of dorm-style cabins. These spaces are going to be limited, so if you want to sleep indoors, make sure to register as soon as you can.

Going Skyclad

Many outdoor festivals offer times and/or places where it's acceptable to go skyclad (naked). It's generally not allowed for visitors to wander around the general camping areas in their birthday suits.

What's the Theme?

You may be looking for a quiet and meditative time to spend with fellow Goddess-worshippers. You could be in for a shock when you find that the year's theme is the hedonistic pleasures of Pan. It can be hard to contemplate the joys of nature after being up all night listening to the wild drumming and bonfire dancing.

Kids and Familiars

Most Pagan festivals are kid-friendly, though children aren't usually permitted to run amok through the grounds without supervision. And just because kids are allowed, that doesn't mean that the festival specifically has children-oriented activities. Some kids can keep themselves entertained, but without things to do, some kids may go a little stir crazy. Oh, and keep your familiars at home. Most festivals don't allow pets.

Bringing Non-Pagans

People who attend these festivals expect to be among like-minded people. Of course that doesn't mean non-Pagans aren't welcome, but they should be aware of the nature of these events and treat all other attendees with respect.


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