Online Spell Book

Well, I have to say that the best online spell book that you're going to find is this site right here. And while I may be a little biased, you can't deny that this is one of the best collections of witchcraft spells around. 

Rather than send you to another online spell book, I'm going to take a minute to help you find your way around this one better.

our complete online spell book of witchcraft rituals
Here is an index of the main spell sections and types of spells around the Free Witchcraft Spells site. It's even in alphabetical order:

Abundance spells

Air spells

Anxiety spells

Attraction spells

Bad luck spells

Banishing spells

Bath spells

Beginner spells

Beauty spells

Binding spells

Blessing spells

Blood spells

Break-up spells

Business spells

Candle spells

Cauldron spells

Children's spells

Cleansing spells

Coin spells

Communication spells

Confidence spells

Cooking spells

Court spells

Curse spells

Death spells

Dream spells

Druid spells

Earth spells

Easy spells

Elemental spells

Employment spells

Energy spells

Fairy spells

Fertility spells

Financial spells

Finding love spells

Fire spells

Flying spells

Freezer spells

Friendship spells

Garden Spells

Gender spells

Glamour spells

Good fortune spells

Good Luck spells

Happiness spells

Healing spells

Hex spells

Home protection spells

Hoodoo spells

House blessing spells

Ice spells

Incantation spells

Inspiration spells

Job spells

Justice spells

Lottery spells

Love spells

Love perfumes

Love potions

Lust spells

Magic chants

Marriage spells

Mermaid spells

Money spells

Money talismans

New beginnings spells

Nightmare spells

Pagan spells

Pay back spells

Potion spells

Prosperity spells

Protection spells

Psychic spells

Reunite lovers spells

Revenge spells

Reversing spells

Ring spells

Satanic spells

School spells

Shadow spells

Simple spells

Sleeping spells

Tarot spells

Teen spells

Transformation spells

Travel spells

Voodoo spells

Wand spells

Water spells

Wealth spells

Weather spells

Weight loss spells

White magic spells

White witch spells

Wiccan spells

Witchcraft curses

Wish spells

Word spells

There you have it. A complete map to navigating this online spell book. You shouldn't have any trouble finding the precise spell when you need it.

If you're looking for more links on the articles around this site, I have a new little index of spell articles that might help. Sometimes you need a bit more information about spellwork to help you learn about witchcraft more completely. 

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