Ocean Waves Tarot Spread

The Ocean Waves Tarot spread is an ideal choice if you want to use the element of water in your Tarot work. There is great ocean symbolism in the card placements, and the purpose of the spread is to show you how you can flow around obstacles to solve your current problem situation. 

Shuffle your favorite deck, and lay out 7 cards like this:

learning tarot spreadsOcean Waves Tarot spread

Now you interpret the meanings of the cards:

1. Foundation - This is the basis of the situation in your life you are looking for answers to. 

2. Obstacle -This card clearly shows you what the main obstacle is for this situation. It may not be exactly what you expect. 

3. Path - This shows what you need to do to get around that obstacle, to bring your life back into its proper flow.

4. Treasure - Something special that will wash up on the beach for you. Keep your eyes out for this gift.

5. Your Rhythm - A way to take advantage of your rhythm, to increase your strength and success.

6. Trash - Something negative in your life that needs to be cleaned off your beach.

7. Waves - Finally what you ultimately need the waves to wash away for you.

This is a great Tarot spread to help you get a handle on a problem and find ways to fix the situation by looking at yourself as well as other negative influences. 

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