Necronomicon Spell Book

The Necronomicon spell book is a real literary oddball, mainly because is it a fictional piece of work that is often mistaken for an ancient occult text.

The classic horror writer H.P Lovecraft quoted frequently from the Necronomicon, to give authenticity to his stories. He portrayed this ancient and evil book so convincingly that he has deluded the general populous into believing that such a book truly existed, even though he later insisted that he made it up. Within the constructs of his fiction, the book was supposedly written by the mad Arab, Abdul Alhazred.

Here is one reference from the short story titled "The Dunwich Horror" written in 1929:

"At first the syllables defied all correlation with any speech of earth, but toward the last there came some disjointed fragments evidently taken from the Necronomicon, that monstrous blasphemy in quest of which the thing had perished."

In the 1970's, actual copies of the Necronomicon appeared on bookstore shelves. 'Simon' had found a copy of the original manuscript, edited and translated it, and published it. The actual contents of this book is a mish-mash of rituals and symbols from Sumerian mythology, and general occult fantasy. So if you are studying witchcraft or any form of occult sciences, don't be fooled by this modern-day literary fraud. The Necronomicon spell book is most certainly not real and the magick within is mostly nonsense.

If you are interested in the book anyway, carries the original Necronomicon as well as a newer one specifically titled the Necronomicon Spellbooknecronomicon does carry it.

necronomicon spell book

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