Movie and TV Spells

Ok, I couldn't resist adding a few pages about all the various popular spells that you see in movies and television. This section is still under construction, so stay tuned for more in the future.

movie and tv spells for witchcraft

Harry Potter

Everyone's favorite witches and wizards from the world of Hogwarts used a multitude of spells through all 7 books and movies. These "spells" are typically just a word or phrase accompanied by a wonderful wand flourish. It took me three pages to list them all out.

Spells from A to F
Spells from G to O
Spells from P to Z


spells from movies and television


This television show about 3 magical sisters (or were there 4?) lasted 8 seasons on TV. They cast several spells in every episode, many of which had some fine chants and words in them.

Spells in seasons 1 to 4
Spells in seasons 5 to 8
More on the Charmed Book of Shadows

And if you are more interested in video games than TV and movies, I have a introductory page for World of Warcraft spells.

Or if you are interested in mythological beings you may have seen in a movie or two, I have pages for vampire and mermaid spells.

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