Magick Beginner Spells

Magick beginner spells are the ones you should be "practicing" on as you improve your skills at witchcraft.

As you first start to cast spells, remember that you don't need to be perfect and the main thing to worry about is your focus and concentration. It's your own willpower and personal energy that makes a spell work, not the fancy "stuff" that goes along with it. Sure the supplies help, but they won't pull a spell off without the right mindset from you.

Here are a few magick beginner spells to get you going.

magick beginner spells in witchcraft A Confidence Candle

Improving your own opinion of yourself can go a long way in giving you confidence in any part of your life. This candle spell helps you learn to love yourself. All you need is:

• Pink candle
• Pink and white rose petals
• Pure water

For the water, natural is best but if you're not comfortable drinking your local rain water, buy a bottle of spring water. Tap water will do in a pinch though it's not ideal.

On an altar or table, make a ring of flower petals and set up the candle in the center. Before you light it, think of your best traits and concentrate on those for a few minutes. Light the candle. Repeat the following:

May my own light shine
With love Divine
Take a long drink of water, to cleanse out your negative thoughts of yourself. Leave the candle to burn out on its own.

Simple Space Cleansing

Keep negative energy out of your space with a little candle spell. It is a suitable spell for one room, rather than your whole house. You'll need:

• Blue taper candle
• Square of white paper
• Salt

Lay the paper out on your altar or table, and set up the candle in the center of it. Use a clear glass candle-holder if you have one, though any type will do. Sprinkle a circle of salt around the paper, so that all 4 corners of the paper are just touching the salt.

Light the candle right at the top of the hour (exactly 1 o'clock, or 2 o'clock etc.), and let it burn right down. When it's done, carefully brush the salt onto the paper, and pour it down the drain. Bury the paper outside. All the bad energy in the room is now gone.

For more spells for beginners, there are many more easy and simple spells on these other pages.

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