Magic Spells for Beginners

Well, I suppose the whole site is really about magic spells for beginners, but here is a page specifically for those just starting out on their witchcraft path. I have done a previous page of spells for beginners, so you can check that out too. Anyway, here are a few more.  

A Money Fetch

Create a money charm to help draw some new finances into your life. It won't be a huge windfall with this beginner spell, but you'll notice a few small things happen to boost the bank account.

  • Length of green yarn
  • 1 silver coin
  • 7 pennies

Tie 5 knots in the yarn, then each end together to make a loop. Set it down on your altar space. Place the silver coin in the center. Repeat the following:

A money fetch, I have made
Bring me money, seven days
Cast the spell, start the power
It begins in this hour.

Every day for 7 days, set another penny in the middle of the circle (make a pile). Each time you do, repeat the words of the spell. Once all 7 pennies are within the circle, it will start to draw some new money for you.

It will continue to draw money into your life for another 7 days after that.


Luck of the Draw

Use a deck of ordinary playing cards in this simple magic spell for beginners, but one you don't plan on using again because you will be writing on a few cards. It's a spell to help you make a choice (no, it's not a luck spell, that's just the name).

  • Ace of spades
  • Two of diamonds
  • Three of clubs
  • Four of hearts
  • Sea salt
  • A purple marker

Take all four cards, and set them out on the table, in order. Each one needs to touch the one beside it. Sprinkle a line of salt from the ace to the four. Then draw a line across all 4 cards in the same way.

Let them sit while you think about a situation where you could use some new luck right about now. Pick up the cards, dust off the salt, and shuffle them. Lay them all out, face down. Then choose a card. Look that that number in the next few days, and it will be a sign to help you make your choice.

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