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Magic spell books are no longer that had to find, even if you are searching for ancient grimoires. While we have quite a selection of free spells, you might still want to have a few purchased books in your witchcraft collection.

Here is a list of some of the best one, along with my review and thoughts. Feel free to click through on the images to buy online, in case your local stores don't carry many witchcraft books.

Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells
by Judika Illes

If you only buy one magic spell book, this one will surely offer more spells than you can ever use. She's got spells for every possible purpose or intention, and draws magickal traditions from cultures around the world.

The author has a friendly style and the book is easy to read. Some "spells" are really just example of old superstitions and some are more arcane rituals. No matter your preference, there will be spells here worth casting.

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Moon Spells by Diane Ahlquist

I like this because I personally love working with lunar energy (it's the Pisces in me). It's a whole book dedicated to moon-related magick, organized by purpose.

There are several good chapters on general magick and spellcasting, but the rest is all about moon spells. You like the power of the moon and working at night? This is a book to check out.

The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells for Modern Problems by Dixie Deerman

I admit that this isn't a full spells-only kind of book, there is about half dedicated to the history and usage of magick around the house. The chapter on drumming seems a bit out of place, but I otherwise really like this book.

Even with the added information, there is a large section dedicated to spells so you'll still get a good collection of rituals to use. As the title suggests, the book has an "old-fashioned" feel to the style.

The Good Spellbook by Gilian Kemp

Yes, it has almost the same title as the last magic spell book. Just a coincidence, I'm sure. This is a smaller book that focuses on traditional Romany (gypsy) spells. Many different purposes are included (love, money, healing) and they are much like our usual witchcraft type of spells.

The book has a very antique look and it can be very helpful in your practice even if you don't normally work with Romany magick.

magic spell book reviews

Grimoire for the Green Witch by Ann Moura

This is a bit more of a classic, and will appeal to any nature-oriented witches out there. It's part of her larger "green witch" series of books, and focuses solely on her personal collection of spells.

A lot of different types of spells (in terms of techniques as well as purposes) so it can be suitable for your own personal spellcrafting tastes.

Remember, this is specifically a list of magic spell books, not overall books on Wicca or witchcraft (though I'm sure they have some magickal theory in them as well).

If you are interested in a spell book just for love spells, I have a new book list for that too now. 

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