Around September 21st

Fall is now certainly upon us and we're marking the 2nd of three harvest festivals at Mabon. Harvests are now in full-swing, and it's a time to appreciate all the abundance at the table. Giving to those in need is a significant part of Mabon traditions, and this Sabbat is the root of the modern-day Thanksgiving holidays.

mabon traditionsEnjoy some wine this Mabon

Not only does it mark a harvest celebration, this is the day of the fall equinox. Today the night and day are of equal length, just like they were back at Ostara. The darker half of the day starts to gain strength now, leading into winter.

In times past, the harvest was a true life or death event and a bad year was a catastrophe. This is why so many Sabbats focus on this aspect of the life. Specific crops were different in different regions so you'll find that some of the foods and correspondences can overlap from one Sabbat to the next.

Other names: Fall or autumn equinox, Cornucopia

Traditions and activities: making and drinking wine, giving to charity, preserving food for the winter, leaving offerings in now-empty fields.

Correspondences: cedar, patchouli, acorns, colors red, orange and brown

Foods served: grapes, blackberries, corn, squash, pomegranates, fresh bread, apples

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