lammas sabbat

August 1st

Fall is around the corner, and Lammas marks the first of 3 harvest festivals each year. It doesn't mark an astrological point but rather symbolizes the first harvests of corn and early grains.

Rituals of sacrifice are common around Lammas to bring on successful harvests through the remaining year.

Since the cycle of farming and harvest was so important to our ancestors, these themes take up the entire season until winter finally sets in. All foods and activities revolve around what was grown at this time of year. For all 3 festivals, the specific foods can vary by region. Corn is often associated with Lammas, but some places had more apples or blackberries.

The name Lughnasadh comes from the Celtic God Lugh, who was closely tied to the sun as well as sporting skills.

Other names: Lughnasadh

Traditions and activities: baking bread from scratch, making corn husk dolls, playing games of skill outdoors

Correspondences: sandalwood, heather, vervain, yellow, brown, citrine, carnelian

Foods served: fresh bread, corn, summer squash, sunflower seeds, cider

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