Kids Halloween Crafts

Kids Halloween crafts are easy enough to find since this is the one Pagan holiday that gets plenty of mainstream attention. Even so, I thought I'd help you find some of the cutest kids Halloween crafts, especially some that are more suited to a Pagan family (no nasty green-faced witches!).

This site isn't really set up for photo tutorials, so just follow these links to other craft pages where you can find the full instructions for each of the Halloween crafts.

halloween crafts for kids

Stained Glass Pumpkin Craft

I love this because it's Halloween related and also helps celebrate the harvest too. Maybe I just love pumpkins. Anyway, this is a pretty craft for all ages that uses contact paper to make a coloring "stained glass" pumpkin. It's easier than the waxed paper version, which I could never get to melt properly.  

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samhain crafts for kids

Paper Roll Black Cats

Make a whole bunch of your own little black cat familiars with this simple craft using a toilet paper tube. You'll likely have all the supplies you need around the house, and it's all simple craft stuff even if you don't. Make one or make a whole herd of little cats.  

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Popsicle Stick Spider Webs

Honor the spider this Samhain with some cute little yarn and popsicle stick spider webs. A little careful weaving can create the perfect web, topped off with a couple plastic craft spiders. Hang 'em all over the house for a Halloween feel.


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Creepy Cheesecloth Ghosts

Everyone knows how to make the usual ghosts with Kleenex, but these cheesecloth varieties are really neat. But a see-through ghost made with gauzy cheesecloth looks much more realistic and can be used to decorate anywhere.

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Ok, these are just a small handful of kids halloween crafts you can try out at home to get everyone more in the mood for Samhain! You can use the Pin buttons for any of these if you want to save these Halloween craft ideas for later on Pinterest.

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