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A rod or branch used in ritual to direct energy, and represents the element Air. Wands are sometimes difficult to come by in stores, so you will likely have to make your own. A branch from a tree is a traditional wand, and decorated with feathers, runes, crystals or whatever strikes your fancy. Try to find a branch that has fallen off the tree naturally, rather than tearing one down.


A warlock is NOT the term for a male witch. A male witch is just a witch. The term has been picked up by popular culture, and people who don't really know anything about witchcraft like to use it.

What the word really means is frequently and vehemently debated amongst modern-day witches. The usual explanation is that it's an old English word for 'oath-breaker' and was used for a witch who betrayed their coven.


The Watchtowers refer to the elements and their corresponding directions, and are often called upon for protection when casting a circle. They are also referred to as Guardians, or the corners of the circle.


Wicca is a modern version of the Pagan religious beliefs handed down from pre-Christian times. Since much information was lost during the Burning Times, much has been 'recreated'. Wicca is a peaceful, earth-centered, poly-theistic religion that has no connection whatsoever to Satanism.

Some feel that Wicca and Witchcraft are the same thing, but it really is not. In fact Wicca is a religion, whereas Witchcraft is simply the act of doing magick without the spiritual overtones.


Someone who follows the religion of Wicca. May or may not also be a witch.


Counter-clockwise. Used to describe movement around a circle during ritual. Opposite of deosil.


A witch is someone who practices witchcraft (either male or female), regardless of their religious standing.


Witchcraft is the art of doing magick, casting spells and performing rituals. It doesn't not involve the summoning of demons, as some might think.

Some feel that Wicca and Witchcraft are the same thing, some do not. Witchcraft is simply the act of doing magick without any spiritual overtones.

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