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Mabon is one of the 8 pagan Sabbats and falls on September 21 or 22. As the fall equinox, the length of the day and night are equal on this day.

Mabon is a day of thanksgiving, and to celebrate the second of the three traditional harvests. You might decorate your altar with sheaves of wheat and fall leaves. Celebrate with baked apples, cider or home-made wine or go for a hayride!


Magick is the use of energy and your own will and intent to make things happen in the world around you. It's also spelled 'magic', but many Wiccans or witches add the 'k' at the end to distinguish true magick from stage performance magic.


One of the nine worlds of Norse mythology. Midgard is the realm of humans where mankind lives.


See Litha


The spiritual belief that there is a single God, usually viewed as the supreme creator.

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