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Lammas is one of the 8 pagan Sabbats and falls on August 1st. It's also known as Lughnasadh.

Lammas is a grain festival, and a day to celebrate the first of the three harvests. It's named for the Celtic sun god, Lugh.

Rituals were performed with the frist grains or vegetables of the harvest, to ensure further success. You might decorate your altar with corn or grain. Celebrate and enjoy a meal of farm fresh veggies or bake some corn bread!


Litha is another of the 8 Sabbats and is around June 21st. Being a solstice, it's the longest day of the year, and also known as Midsummer.

It is a day to celebrate the abundance of the land and continued fertility. Fairies are about on this day, and it is a best day of the year for magick. You might decorate your altar with fresh herbs or blooming wildflowers. Celebrate by gathering some wild herbs, waking at sunrise to greet the sun, or having a BBQ!


The spirits that are worshipped in the religion of Vodou. The Loa are not truly gods, but are considered intermediaries between the Supreme God and mankind. It is sometimes written Lwa.


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