Full Moon Calendar for 2018

2018 full moon dates

For spellwork, it can be helpful to know when the next full moon is coming up. These are the dates and exact times of each full moon for 2018. All times are in the Eastern Standard timezone (EST)

January 2nd, 3:24am

January 31st, 2:26pm

March 2nd, 1:51am

March 31st, 2:36pm

April 30th, 2:58am

May 29th, 4:19pm

June 28th, 6:53am

July 27th, 10:20pm

August 26th, 1:56pm

September 25th, 4:52am

October 24th, 6:45pm

November 23rd, 6:39am

December 22nd, 6:48pm

Last full moons of 2017:

October 5th, 2:40pm
November 4th, 12:23am
December 3rd, 10:47am

If you're looking to take advantage of the magick of the full moon, you can try my full moon love spells or the full moon spells page for a good wish spell.

Of course, it's not only the full moon that has power. There is a lot more to all of the moon phases.

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