Cheap and Free Wiccan Ebooks

In this modern era, looking for free Wiccan ebooks has become an easy way to find information without spending a fortune on new books.

I thought I would gather up a few links to help you find some good free ebooks but I'm also including some great bargain ones too. People who take the time to write good-quality material generally tack on a little price tag, and they do deserve to get something in return for their work. That's not to say there is anything wrong with free books, just don't expect there to be tons of good ones, especially when it comes to Wiccan ebooks.

free wiccan ebooks to download
Some of these ebooks are the current style that can be read on a mobile reader, but some are more old-school documents that are just text files. Some may be PDFs. Just a heads up so you don't make any assumptions. Several need to be ordered through Amazon.

Free Wiccan Ebooks

Cheap Wiccan Ebooks

These are all under $2 for a download, which is still a really good deal.

I'm offering these up because people have been looking and I like to share information for those who seek it. But I can't necessarily vouch for these books (except for the wonderful Spell Crafter's Compendium, of course) so I don't know what they are all like cover to cover.

I plan on extending this list as I find new ebooks that fit our topic. You can leave a comment on our Facebook page if you want to let me know about one.

If you prefer something more in-depth, I've just added a list of free online courses that might give you more direction than just an ebook.

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Love Spells
Elemental Spells

Healing Spells
Book of Shadows
Protection Spells
Voodoo Spells
Money Spells

free witchcraft spells
Spell Crafter's

witchcraft spells and wicca

Correspondences for
spells and rituals.

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only $2.99