Free Wicca Spells

free wicca spells for practicing witchcraftOur collection of free Wicca spells is loaded with powerful witchcraft magick

Free Wicca spells aren't really all that different from basic witchcraft spells. The term "Wiccan" refers to a specific religion that has its roots in ancient pre-Christian Paganism, and the practice of witchcraft is part of that religion.

But both Wiccans and non-Wiccans can cast spells and practice witchcraft, so there really isn't any need to look for "free Wicca spells" since any witchcraft spell will be the same thing.

So now that you've found some spells, what exactly are you after? Do you need some Wiccan love spells? They are certainly the most popular, but by no means the only kinds of free Wiccan spells available to you. We have some specific Wiccan protection spells too.

As I mentioned above, there isn't much need to distinguish between witchcraft or Wiccan spells since they are the same thing. The difference lies in the person casting them. You can be a witch without following the Wiccan religion. As with many Pagan things, it's a misunderstood religion and I suggest to anyone who wants to know about witchcraft to read up on it even if you won't care to become Wiccan yourself.

Some spells are pretty easy and may not require too many supplies, but if you plan on performing any of the more advanced spells, you may need to have a place to buy Wiccan supplies. It's not like you can buy dragon's blood at Walmart, now can you?

Here is a quick index of spells in this section:

Get Rid of Bad HabitsYarrow Love Charm Safe Travel Charm
Peaceful Sleeping SachetSeeds of LoveLift a Curse Bath Spell
Love Does Pierce Threshold Protection Spell Money in My Door
Conjuring Passion Root of Feelings Unbreakable Shell
Lunar HealingFinancial Flame

So you can check out these spells in the Wicca section, but just remember that most of the spells on this site are basically the same kind of witchcraft spells. You don't need to specifically look for spells that are "Wiccan".

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