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When it comes to free spells, witchcraft or Wiccan doesn't really matter. You'll find that all true magick spells have the same components, ingredients and intentions. There are many different kinds and varieties of spells, so make sure to check the other pages listed there in the left hand column.

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Peaceful Home Spell Bag

Too much stress and discord around the house these days? A little magick charm bag will help bring peace and quiet back into your life. You might need to visit an herbal shop for some of these supplies:

• One hair from each member of the household
• Blue thread or fine string
• A piece of angelica root
• Chamomile oil
• Balm of Gilead buds
• Lavender blossoms
• Chamomile blossoms
• Small blue fabric bag

Twist and braid the hairs together with the blue thread, then tie them around the piece of angelica root. Rub a small drop of chamomile oil over the bundle.

Put the tied root along with the Balm of Gilead, chamomile and lavender into the bag and tie it (or sew it) closed. Place it in a central spot in the house, like the kitchen or living room. It will help diffuse any tensions and negative energy flowing in the house.

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Get That Job Spell

A little employment magick to help you get that job you are hoping for. You'll need to at least earn yourself an interview for this to be used though. Your spell supplies are:

• A green candle
• A dollar bill of any denomination
• A photo of yourself
• Patchouli oil
• A paper clip

Anoint the candle with a few drops of patchouli oil while you think about all the things you like about this job opportunity. Light the candle, and hold the dollar up to the flame (both sides of the bill). Close enough to get warm, but NOT close enough to burn or get singed.

Once you've warmed the bill up to your intentions, fold it once and use the paper clip to attach it to the front of your photograph. Snuff out the candle, and put the clipped photo in your pocket or purse for the interview. You could anoint the dollar itself with a bit of patchouli, but the smell might be noticeable.

You can find dozens more spells on the other pages of the site, so you don't need to stop if these aren't what you need. There are a number of Wiccan spells, and more witchcraft magic spells for you to browse through. There are even some love potion spells if that is more your thing.

When you're starting out, it can be very helpful to find good free spells. Witches usually end up writing their own as they learn more about it, but pre-written ones are perfect for beginners.

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