Free Revenge Spells

Though I personally would have little use for any kinds of free revenge spells, it's not my place at the moment to decide how other people choose to practice their witchcraft.

Different situations may call for a wide range of actions, and that includes whether or not you may want to pursue revenge against someone.

It's not as simple as saying revenge is wrong. Few moral arguments are that cut and dried. Suffice it say, revenge can be a tricky issue and you should think very carefully about your reasons for taking this path. Karma can be a nasty thing, and actions can come back to haunt you.

That said, I do have one free revenge spell to offer. Again, please take the time to think about why you are taking this course of action. There may be better options available.

free revenge spells for witchcraft or wicca magic

Tower Spell for Revenge

For this spell you will need the following:

• 3 small boxes the same size
• 3 slips of paper
• A black candle

Light the black candle. On one piece of paper, write your name. On the next, write the name of the person that has wronged you. On the third piece, write what their offense was (just a word or two). Place 1 slip of paper in each of the little boxes.

Put the boxes in pile with your name on top, the purpose in the middle and the other person on the bottom. Set the pile next to the burning candle, and let it burn until it goes out on its own. Leave the boxes sitting until the offender has gotten what they deserve.

Nearly every single revenge spell I have seen is some mix of black candles, photos/names of your enemy and lots of anger. Frankly, none of them really offered much inspiration. All you need to do is light a black candle, look at a picture of the person and think mad thoughts. Not too magickal if you ask me so I am not going to bother repeating such "spells".

So I've written a few more of my own dark revenge spells, if you want a few more choices.

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