Free Real Witchcraft Spells

Free real witchcraft spells aren't that hard to find, especially once you get past the whole idea of "real" spells. Anyone can write a spell, just like anyone can create a recipe. To try and establish any spells as being real, you are not going to get very far. Any spell can be real if it works for you.

Besides that, here are a few more free real witchcraft spells that can suit various purposes. Use the index on the left of the page if you want to browse around for other types of spells.

free real witchcraft spells

Healing Mint Spell

Cooling mint is a nice herb to help bring health and peace to the body, whether you are doing the spell for yourself or someone else. You need to gather these supplies:

• White human-shape candle
• Mint oil
• Sprig of fresh mint
• Myrrh resin incense
• Charcoal for the resin
• 2 pieces of white ribbon

If you can't get a shaped candle, any regular white candle will do. This works much better with real resin, but if you don't have any you can use myrrh scented sticks. See how flexible magick spells can be?

Anoint the candle with mint oil and set it up on your altar. Write the name of the person who this spell is for on the ribbon, and use it to tie the mint to the candle. Because the ribbon and/or the mint can catch fire as the candle burns down, make sure this is setup on a heat-proof surface.

Light the candle and repeat the following:

[say the name of the person 3 times],
May light and magick heal you,
May the Goddess release you,
May your illness leave you.

Visualize bright white light coming from the candle as it burns. Once it's going, light your charcoal and burn the myrrh resin. If you have a little extra mint, you can add that too. Let the candle burn out on its own. Give the extra piece of ribbon to the person the spell was meant for, to wear as a healing talisman.

Lavender Wish Spell

This is a bit of a general purpose spell for when you are wishing for something. Use for love, money or whatever suits your fancy. All you need is:

• Lavender candle
• Lavender oil (or use a scented candle)
• Seven small pieces of white paper

This spell takes 7 days, so you'll have to be patient with it. Before you begin, mark the candle into 7 roughly equal sections so you know how much to burn each night without having the candle get used up too early.

Anoint the candle if you are using oil, and set it up someplace where it won't be disturbed. Write your wish on one of the pieces of paper and light the candle. Repeat your wish out loud, then burn the paper in the candle flame. Let it burn down to your first mark, then snuff it out. Do this again each night until all 7 days have passed.

These are just 2 handy spells, but there are many other free witch spells around the site to try. Or maybe you just needs a few magic chants to use with your own creative spellwork.

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