Free Money Spells

Do witches really need free money spells? Well, they may say that the love of money is the root of all evil, but that's doesn't mean we can't use a little extra financial boost now and again.

Using spells for money shouldn't be against anyone's ethics, as long as you are honest with yourself about your need for some extra prosperity (more on money spell ethics). Casting a spell because you really want a bigger TV or a new car is a poor use of magick and will most likely not be successful. A good money spell that works is a realistic one.

free money spells for witchcraft and magick

Simple money spells can be the best if you don't have a lot of time or are fairly new to witchcraft. Don't be fooled that they are somehow less important because they are easy. For the most part, magick comes from inside you anyway. Even easy money spells can bring you plenty of abundance if done with good intentions. You can even give a few lottery spells a try if you want to hit it big that way.

If you are looking for a Wiccan spell specifically, I do have a page of Wiccan money spells that would suit. Here is a quick index of spells in this section:

Make a Money MagnetWealth is Welcome Money Bottle Spell
Pay a Bill SpellTonka Bean TokenWealth Attraction Bath
Abundance Candle Spell Let Your Wealth Grow
Wealth from the ElementsShimmering Silver SpellBankroll Money Charm
Harvest HuskFinancial Potpourri3 Bells of Wealth
5 Finger Money SpellApple and Athame Numbers of Luck
As the Tree GrowsProsperity PrayerChalice of Plenty

There is also a good spell on the freezer spells page that can help you save what money you do have a little better.

And sometimes good fortune may go beyond just having a little extra money. It can mean just a general boost in your luck and overall life situation.

free money spells for witches or wiccans

I don't suggest leaving a money spell "running" once you've gotten some financial bonus in your life. Just because it worked, doesn't mean it's an open door to ongoing wealth and riches. This especially goes for money talismans that you carry with you. Once the spell has done it's job, stop carrying the charm around.

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